The face is the moor of the self, this is the folklore by which generations have lived by and in these modern times, it has lead to the creation of a new profession, the make up artist and this is precisely what Shagufta Khan’s brief is for the 17th Miss India Worldwide Pageant.

A World traveler in her search to upgrade her profession, Shagufta Khan quit her job as a microbiologist to become one of the most successful make up artists in South Africa.

Shagufta Khan has been working with the Miss India Worldwide Pageant since the end of the last century. Since then she has worked on the faces of contestants at Pageants held in the United States, India and South Africa.

Each face is special, it is probably one of the greatest assets any human being can have. Often people are judged by their looks and some say that a person’s personality can be judge by just taking one look at the person.

Shagufta Khan is the official make up artist who will serve all contestants. She has served on a number of pageants in the United States, India and South Africa. Her work is legendary and has won wide acclaim from people in a number of countries. Shagufta Khan has a very professional approach and for that matter, is exceptionally particular about the products used on each contestant. At each Pageant she is asked to vote the Contestant with the Most Beautiful Skin and her choice over time is accepted as a matter of fact.

Shagufta Khan's reputation is beyond question and her work will again be evident come Pageant night and will be recorded on video and hard copy photographs.

Rakhshinda Qureshi is the strong post of Shagufta Khan, specializing in hair styling, with a blazing trail of glory from South Asia to Africa.

Based in Durban, Rakhshinda Qureshi works tirelessly with aspiring professional women and stage personalities. She is also in demand by brides who flock to her for extra special attention for their respective big days. Mrs Qureshi has worked on the Miss India South Africa Pageant and has earned warm praises.

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